Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer

HPV and the "anti-cancer" vaccine
According to the National Cancer Institute; 79 million Americans are currently infected with the virus. The HPV vaccine protects against the nine most common cancer-causing HPV strains.

Fairview Physician Associates (FPA) Network and Children’s Physician Network (CHN) are collaborating to support both quality of care and education of providers and patients. In our first collaboration, we have developed the following HPV educational documents for use by FPA Network and CHN practices.

National HPV Roundtable Resource Library
Find provider, patient information and links to CME education. 

Resource designed to clarify the role of, and address any potential concerns about the HPV vaccine in cancer prevention:

HPV and cancer prevention: what parents should know (pdf)

Resource designed for kids to answer questions about the vaccine and emphasize the magnitude of its role in protecting them from cancer:

What kids should know about HPV and cancer (pdf)

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