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 MTM Pharmacist, Brittany Symonds
 MTM Pharmacist, Brittany Symonds
We offer services to enhance clinical integration, access and reimbursement, while reducing administrative burden.
• Abstraction of measures plus data analytics to support network quality requirements
• Pharmacist expertise and tools
• Coding education for accurate capture of patient acuity and ICD-10 updates
Marketing and communications services
• Free advance care planning classes for patients
A subset of FPA Network, Fairview Health Network (FHN) offers enhanced services.

• Access to increased patient volumes through defined network health plan product opportunities
• Financial rewards for goals met within shared savings contracts
Onsite care coordination at primary care clinics for complex patients. Telephonic nurse case management of targeted patient populations                                                                                                                 
Process improvement consultation and support
Data analysis to support population management
• CG-CAHPS and other patient experience surveys and training
Medication therapy management for targeted patient populations
Actionable data
We use data to help make care more consistent and to improve transitions of care.

Care coordination
We support clinical integration through standardized approaches to care coordination and population health strategies. Patients and families often struggle with chronic or complex health conditions, developmental issues or social service needs. Our care coordinators are registered nurses and social workers who identify community resources for patients and help them navigate medical, clinical, psychosocial, financial, legal, mental health and transportation issues.

We promote coordinated transition of care for patients of all ages across multiple care settings to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital when appropriate.
Health Care Home certification
Clinics that have earned state Health Care Home certification demonstrate improved outcomes with better coordinated care for patients with complex or chronic conditions. Most primary care clinics within FPA Network have earned certification. We continue to support independent clinics that wish to earn certification and recertification.

Process improvement
FPA Network offers independent member clinics process improvement consultation regarding workflow, quality process, value mapping and efficiencies, as requested. We also support clinical integration through standardized clinical approaches to care coordination and population health strategies.

Because appropriate capture of patient acuity requires accurate diagnosis coding and documentation, we provide support through an expert consultant. This professional supports member clinic coding and documentation review at no cost to members. We also host education sessions for members to ensure the highest level of coding accuracy.

Data sharing and reporting
Working with a business partner, we provide Fairview Health Network (FHN) independent primary care clinics with information to manage patient populations and to enhance care and shared savings.

Transitions of care
We are working to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and improve the movement of patients between levels of care. Efforts include automated discharge reports from Fairview hospitals, inpatient and emergency department visits to FHN primary care clinics, 48-hour follow-up calls and seven-day primary care physician visits.

Remote monitoring
We participate in Fairview Health Services' remote monitoring program, providing 30-day post-hospital surveillance for Medicare fee-for-service enrollees with congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic and orthopedic conditions. Patients can enroll at no cost after discharge from a network transitional care unit or hospital.

Community education
Network member clinics can access the following community education resources for their patients free of charge:

Improving end-of-life care
Our group education sessions on advance care planning (ACP) have helped hundreds of patients and community members. ACP is designed to improve patient care and family experiences by encouraging discussions about end-of-life care preferences. Participants learn about health care directives and medical treatments from trained facilitators. Learn more about ACP here.

Maximize your inhaler
Our inhaler demonstration site features demo videos of inhalers for providers and patients on the market and is designed to increase appropriate use among patients.

EpicCare Link
EpicCare Link is a secure web portal that offers FPA Network providers secure access to patient treatment information. Current users may request additional access and/or revoke access by contacting your clinic’s site administrator. Using the Epic Utilities button within EpicCare Link, your site administrator can submit access change requests through “Manage My Clinic”.

Marketing and communications
We offer marketing and communication services to support clinical integration and enhance relationships with providers, patients and other stakeholders.

Our quarterly newsletter Connect, features network news, initiatives, resources, clinical updates and new member practices and providers.

Tools and services

Network provider directory
All FPA Network practices and providers are searchable on, and appear in an online membership directory (pdf) which is updated monthly. 

Network direct mail lists
When member practices look to introduce a new provider or program to the network, we can provide targeted mailing lists of providers and clinics by geography and specialty.

Networking and education sessions
We conduct quarterly clinic administrator and staff networking and learning sessions. Topics range from building trust to managing infection control.

Medication therapy management
Our medication therapy management (MTM) pharmacists evaluate whether a patient’s medications are indicated, effective, safe and convenient. Patients of independent Fairview Health Network primary care clinics can receive a referral for MTM through a provider or network care coordinator.

Payer contracts
Fairview Physician Associates Network contracts with the following health plans on behalf of members:

Blue Plus (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
Blue Plus- Minnesota Advantage Health Plan
Medica Essential
Medica- Fairview And North Memorial Vantage with Medica
Medica Harmony with Medica and Fairview
Metropolitan Health Plan – Cornerstone Solutions
Portico Healthnet
Preferredhealth- Minnesota Advantage Health Plan
Preferredhealth – Fairview, North Memorial and HealthEast
UCare for Seniors – Medicare Advantage
UCare – MN Health Care Programs
UCare – Fairview UCare Choices

Purchased services
Member practices have access to a number of discounted services, including the following:

Interpreter services
Network members have access to interpreting services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services include in-person, over-the-phone and video interpreting, as well as translation of documents. Market rates apply.

Provider recruitment
Independent FPA Network members may take advantage of expert provider recruitment services through M Health Fairview. Market rates apply. Services include:
• Practice assessment and search feasibility
• Development of opportunity profile
• Development and execution of recruitment plan strategies

Purchasing discounts
FPA Network independent practices may join Fairview Health Services' Purchasing Network at no cost to take advantage of discounts on office and medical supplies. 


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