FPA Network welcomes new providers

October 2021 

New Providers:

Advanced Dermatology Care
Elisabeth Bergstedt, PAC

Allergy and Asthma Center of Minnesota
Kailee Holmes, CNP

Clinic Sofia
Staci Biegner, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates
Kollin Michels, PAC

Dermatology Consultants, PA
Nora Ali, MD
Nikoo Cheraghi, MD

Diamond Women's Center
Robin Prugno, DO

Edina Eye Clinic
Michael Elliott, MD

Entira Family Clinics
Leif Sundberg, PAC

Gerten Urogynecology
Mackenzie Theis, PAC

InterMed Consultants
Jacqueline Roff, PAC

Midwest Radiology
Jessica Axmacher, MD

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology
Molly Sailer, CNP

Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians
Mohamed Khattab, MD

Minnesota Lung Center
Jane Breeggemann, PAC
Anna Milner, CNP

Minnesota Oncology
Patrick Dreyer, DO 

Minnesota Women's Care
Moona Arabkhazaeli, MD

Minnesota Urology
Lee Baumgarten, MD
Cassandra Etheridge, PAC
Farzana Faisal, MD
Michael Meyer, PAC
Kasey Resch, PAC
Joseph Zanghi, DO
MNGI Digestive Health
James Campbell, MD
Wendy Haller-Nerheim, CNP
Shaz Iqbal, MD
Thomas Kaminsky, MD
Phillip Lindholm, MD
Suhag Patel, MD
Shelby Wills, CNP

Northwest Eye Clinic
Jesse Dovich, MD
Mila Dovich, MD

Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility
Madalyn Carlin, CNP
Melinda Zhang, MD

Plastic Surgery Consultants
Lisa Hamilton, MD

South Lake Pediatrics
Caitlin Barr, MD

St. Paul Eye Clinic
Tracy Krick, MD

Summit Orthopedics
Shelby Johnson, MD
Sarah Meyers, CNP
David Rippe, MD
Samuel Russ, MD
Connor Thiets, PAC

Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A.
Carley Berthiaume, PAC
Vamsy Bobba, MD
Christopher Honstad, MD
Daniel Liechti, MD
Adam Michalik, DO
Adan Omar, MD
Andrew Schmiesing, MD
Nathan Wanderman, MD
Jaimi Weber, DO
Hui Zhang, MD

VitreoRetinal Surgery, P.A.
Guneet Sodhi, MD


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