FPA Network welcomes new providers, clinics

May 2018

FPA Network staff
Welcomes you to FPA Network!

New Clinics:

Maplewood Podiatry (April)

New Providers:

Advanced Dermatology Care
Emily Bose, PAC
Chelsea Domeier, PAC

Advancements in Allergy & Asthma Care
Amber Baumann, PAC
Pamela McNallan, PAC
Debra Peterson, CNP

Andros ENT & Sleep Center, PA
Alexander Coyne, PAC

Apple Valley Medical Clinic
Stephen Darrow, MD
Thomas Niebeling, MD

ENT SpecialtyCare of Minnesota

Kelsa Hovelson, PAC

Integra Dermatology, PA
Alicia Skupa, PAC

Interventional Spine and Pain Physicians, PA
Dustin Ward, MD

Maplewood Podiatry NEW
Ross Nelson, DPM
Desiree Scholl, DPM
Vincent Simone, DPM

Medical Advanced Pain Specialists
Mariah Eystad, PAC

Minnesota Gastroenterology, PA
Jose Vega Peralta, MD
John Liveringhouse, MD

Minnesota Oncology
Lisa Hanson, PAC

Minnesota Urology, PA
Tucker Johnson, PAC
Maisy Sanneman, PAC
David Streitz, MD

Noran Neurological Clinic, PA

Kristin Lentz, CNP
Melissa Katusky Lor, CNP

Partners Obstetrics and Gynecology, PA
Sheri Skalsky, CNP

Specialists in General Surgery
Molly Osborn, PAC
Jessica Schindler, PAC

St. Paul Radiology, PA
Martin Asis, MD
Thomas Bryson, MD
Benjamin Gilloon, MD
Sameer Nevile, MD
Douglas Sheafor, MD
Lashonda Soma, MD
Don Wiese II, MD

Suburban Radiologic Consultants, Ltd.
Jay Haggerty, MD

Summit Orthopedics
Katie Ehlen, CNP
Christina Jensen, PAC
John Rozman, CNP
Eric Stroemer, MD
Steven Williamson, PAC

Twin Cities Orthopedics, PA
Ashton Makwana, PAC

Zel Skin & Laser Specialists and Southwest Dermatology
Brooke Moss, PAC
Lauren Sundick, PAC

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