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We support member medical practices to make a difference for patients and to enhance the sustainability of all members of the FPA network. Together, our independent, Fairview-employed and University of Minnesota Physicians colleagues strive to improve patient care and patient/family experience, while reducing the total cost of care.

FPA Network welcomes new providers:

Associated Nephrology Consultants, PA
Shannon E. Doyle, MD
Stephanie J. Gordon, CNP
David G. Husebye, MD
Jennifer Mears, CNP
Jennifer K. Nelson, PAC
Alec D. Otteman, MD
Mary Schmidt, CNP
Gary B. Schwochau, MD
Cara S. Walz, MD
David H. Warden, MD

Clarus Dermatology, PA
Laura Stanz, PAC

ENT SpecialtyCare of Minnesota
William Garvis, MD

Interventional Spine & Pain Physicians,PA
Pamela Kendall, CNP

Kidney Specialists of Minnesota
Brady Brabec, MD
George Canas, MD
Thomas Davin, MD
Carl Dean, MD
Andrew Esten, MD
James Gitter, MD
John Gray, MD
Sandeep Gupta, MD
Christopher Hall, DO
Michael Legris, MD
Maxwell Leither, MD
Brett Nyholm, MD
Kyle Onan, DO
Deirdre Palmer, MD
Raymond Poor, MD
Daniel Ries, MD
Michael Somermeyer, MD
Alexandra Straight, MD
Kimberlee Thielen, MD
Orvin Visaya, MD
Marc L. Weber, MD
Mario Zarama, MD

Metro Urology
Joseph W. Akornor, MD
Gabrielle M. Baty, PAC
J. Randolf Beahrs, MD
Todd D. Brandt, MD
Michael J. Ehlert, MD
Albert J. Enriquez, MD
Gregory R. Hanson, MD
Karen L. Martin, CNS
Jodi S. Michaels, MD
Aaron J. Milbank, MD
Anthony J. Polcari, MD

Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic
Shanti Kaimal, DDS
Preetanjali Thakur, DDS

Minnesota Oncology
Megan Shay, PAC

St. Paul Radiology, PA
Mohamed M. Abdihalim, MD
Richard N. Aizpuru, MD
Azhar T. Ali, MD
Todd M. Arsenault, MD
Martin J. Asis, MD
Amanjit S. Baadh, MD
Matthew T. Baldwin, MD
Joseph J. Baraga, MD
Jeffrey M. Barkmeier, MD
Bruce M. Berens, MD
Mark W. Berger, MD
Nathan D. Block, MD
John F. Brunner, MD
Erich N. Bryan, MD
Thomas C. Bryson, MD
Andrew S. Bunney, MD
Blake A. Carlson, MD
Eric J. Carolan, MD
Paul R. Carolan, MD
John M. Caspers, MD
Brenda L. Deutsch, CNP
Philip M. Ditmanson, MD
David G. Drake, MD
Megan T. Elgethun, MD
Megan M. Ellingson, CNP
Lester J. Fahrner, MD
Jamie L. Fort, MD
Dominic F. Frecentese, MD
Benjamin A. Gilloon, MD
James K. Goddard, MD
Timothy C. Goertzen, MD
Michael J. Grogan, MD
Andrew S. Hartigan, MD
Caroline L. Ho, MD
Steven C. Hommeyer, MD
Joshua B. Johnson, MD
Edith H. Kang, MD
John P. Knoedler, MD
Anders M. Knutzen, MD
David P. Lambert, MD
Jeffrey P. Lassig, MD
Roxana Leinbach, MD
Jorge A. Leon, MD
Kristin A. Lieberman, MD
Matthew J. Loe, MD
Lucas B. Ludeman, MD
Michael T. Madison, MD
Benjamin J. May, MD
Keith B. McCollister, MD
Timothy M. Meehan, MD
Paul F. Mulcahy, MD
Alexandra L. Muschenheim, MD
James M. Mylrea, MD
Sara R. Nace, MD
Kevin Q. Nguyen, MD
Cory R. Nordman, MD
Suzanne S. Parrino, MD
Jeffrey S. Phelan, MD
Jonathan A. Phelan, DO
Michael F. Powell, MD
Trisha R. Prescott, MD
Gregory A. Rathmann, MD
Vladimir Savcenko, MD
Kyle R. Shipley, MD
Matthew J. So, MD
Deepak K. Somashekar, MD
Patrick P. Sullivan, MD
Andrew J. Sundblad, MD
Angela W. Tai, MD
Collin M. Torok, MD
Susan M. Truman, MD
Anuradha K. Tummala, MD
Mark W. Veldman, MD
Robert H. Weinmann, MD
Anne Weisensee, MD
Jeff D. Werner, MD
Ryan T. Whitesell, MD
Don E. Wiese, MD
Keith H. Wittenberg, MD
Peter B. Wold, MD
Summit Orthopedics
Michael R. Anderson, DO
Robert Anderson, MD
Sarah A. Anderson, PAC
Laura L. Arcand, PAC
Staci A. Baker, CNP
Tara C. Barrack, PAC
Amy S. Beacom, MD
Hans C. Bengtson, MD
Kristin M. Bentz, CNS
Abby K. Bernstein, PAC
Jonathan Biebl, MD
Nicholas C. Bjore, PAC
Grayson W. Blomberg, PAC
Kristoffer M. Breien, MD
Adam R. Burmeister, PAC
Allison K. Buth, CNP
Michael D. Castro, DO
Catherine Y. Choi, MD
Nathan C. Clapper, PAC
Abigail M. Clark, PAC
Andrew M. Clary, DO
Joseph G. Cunniff, DO
Jillian C. Cunningham, PAC
Peter J. Daly, MD
Paul J. Donahue, MD
Lawrence T. Donovan, DO
John A. Dowdle, MD
Jack A. Drogt, MD
Courtney L. Duffy, PAC
Nathan J. Dumm, PAC
Kelly L. Dziedzic, PAC
Erik J. Ekstrom, MD
Lindsay K. Erickson, PAC
David P. Falconer, MD
Allyce K. Fisk, PAC
Scott A. Folland, PAC
Michael J. Forseth, MD
Jeffrey A. Furmanek, DO
Johnathan R. Furzland, CNP
James M. Gannon, MD
Jaime E. Glader, PAC
Meghan L. Hamilton, PAC
Dane C. Hansen, DO
Natasha E. Harr, PAC
Blake W. Hildahl, MD
Daniel P. Hoeffel, MD
Mark E. Holm, MD
Jessica M. Kainz, PAC
Eric A. Khetia, MD
David A. Kittleson, MD
Naomi J. Krueger, PAC
Megan A. Kurt, PAC
Sarah L. Lehnert, MD
Erin K. Leslie, PAC
Rachel L. Liebenow, PAC
Thirath M. Luong, PAC
Bryan J. Lynn, MD
Jessie L. Marolt, PAC
Heather M. McLane, PAC
Michael B. Meier, PAC
Anne V. Merrill, PAC
Abby J. Mohr, PAC
Pooja D. Mundrati, DO
Clinton Muench, MD
Brendan C. Murphy, PAC
Megan B. Naas, PAC
Krista M. Nauman, PAC
Bryan J. Nestor, MD
Nathan J. Nistler, PAC
Brett M. Osgood, PAC
Debra M. Parisi, MD
Peter M. Parten, MD
Scott R. Pepin, MD
Jerome J. Perra, MD
Daniel J. Peterson, PAC
Emily C. Peterson, PAC
Jeffrey S. Pinto, MD
Hadley J. Powless, PAC
Nicholas J. Pruett, PAC
Catherine K. Robinson, PAC
Ryan W. Roiger, PAC
Britta K. Rosenow, CNP
Tracy D. Rupke, MD
Steven R. Sabers, MD
Richard M. Salib, MD
Edward R. Santos, MD
Kirk L. Scofield, MD
Robert Shepley, MD
Rachel M. Silbert, PAC
Camille M. Skarvan, PAC
Jack G. Skendzel, MD
David W. Spight, DO
Erik S. Stroemer, MD
Jacqueline A. St. John, PAC
Anthony J. Sterk, PAC
Bryan C. Sternberg, PAC
David H. Strothman, MD
Steven M. Stulc, DO
Edward T. Su, MD
Andrew D. Thomas, MD
William D. Thompson, PAC
Tena L. Ungerman, CNP
Alex R. Villano, PAC
Angela M. Voight, MD
Trevor C. Wahlquist, MD
Brent T. Warner, MD
Russel A. Warnsholz, PAC
Daren J. Wickum, MD
Nicholas J. Wills, MD
Matthew R. Wolden, PAC
Paul T. Yellin, MD

Twin Cities Orthopedics, PA
Jozef Murar, MD

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