Network member practices

 Allan Stillerman, MD, Allergy & Asthma Specialists, P.A.
 Allan Stillerman, M.D., Allergy & Asthma Specialists, P.A.
Fairview Physician Associates Network is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, led by providers and clinic administrators through our board of governing committees. FPA Network has built solid, collaborative relationships with ambulatory care practices for more than 20 years.

Today, our network includes more than 300 primary care and specialty care clinics and nearly 3,400 providers. We support member medical practices to make a difference for patients and to enhance the sustainability of all members of the network.

Member directory (pdf) - Clinic directory by specialty, including address, phone & providers.

Member providers (pdf) - Phone directory by provider.

* Call your health insurance company with any questions about your plan benefits or coverage.

FPA Network welcomes new clinics and providers:

Apple Valley Medical Clinic (new)
Amy Diede, MD
Julie Gerth, DO
Rachel Hansohn, PAC
Holly Hett, MD
Tammy Johnston, CNP
Thomas Jones, MD
Yasmin Orandi, MD
Kenneth Pallas, MD
Natalie Pautsch, PAC
Robin Shultz, PAC
Stuart Steichen, DO
Todd Stolpman, MD
Arthur Troedson, MD
Laura Willson, PAC

Kidney Specialists of Minnesota
Michelle Busch, CNP
Cari Bushey, CNP
Bridget Moe, CNP
Eileen Mundenar, PAC
Mary Prescott, CNP

Medical Advanced Pain Specialists
Marland Gilbert, PAC
Orina Machoka, CNP

Metro Urology
Robert Fisher, MD
Ronald Glinski, MD
Michael Jenson, PAC
Christopher Knoedler, MD
Melinda Lampert, PAC
Peter Sershon, MD
Lori Steinley, PAC

Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic
Shanti Kaimal, DDS
Preetanjali Thakur, DDS

Minnesota Women's Care, P.A. (new)
Theresa Hoffoss, CNP
Jacqueline Mahan, MD
Maureen McDonald, MD
Aimee Neumann, CNP
Donna Randall, MD
Laure Waschbusch, MD

Minnesota Oncology
Diana Czel, CNP
Summit Orthopedics
Kyle Smisek, PAC

Noran Neurological Clinic, P.A.
Angala Borders-Robinson, DO

Partners Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.A.
Kristen Fried, MD

Southdale OB/GYN Consultants, P.A.
Emily Grose, CNM

Tareen Dermatology, PA (new)
Kathleen DeManivel, MD
Kelsey Holmes, PAC
Brooke Moss, PAC
Melinda Parker, PAC
Lauren Sundick, PAC
Mohiba Tareen, MD

St. Paul Plastic Surgery, Ltd. (new)
Jeffrey Aldridge, MD
Joseph Skow, MD

St. Paul Radiology, P.A.
Scott Hunter, MD

Twin Cities Orthopedics, PA
Richard Davis, MD

Woodbury Plastic Surgery (new)
Umeng David Thao, MD

Discrimination is Against the Law. We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws. We do not discriminate against, exclude or treat people differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.
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