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Specialty care clinics (pdf)

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Academic Dermatology
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute
Advanced Dermatology Care
Advancements in Allergy & Asthma Care, Ltd.
Allergy & Asthma Specialists, P.A.
Allergy and Asthma Care, PA
Allergy and Asthma Center of Minnesota
Andros ENT & Sleep Center, PA
Arthritis Clinic & Medical Associates, P.C.
Arthritis & Rheumatology Consultants, P.A.
Associated Nephrology Consultants, PA
Associated Skin Care Specialists
Bhatti Gastroenterology Consultants, PA 
Caperton, M.D., P.A., Erskine M.
Cardiothoracic Surgery- Fairview Southdale Hosp
Cardiovascular Surgery- U of Medical Center
Center for Dermatology
Clarus Dermatology, P.A.
Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates, Ltd.
Dermatology Consultants, PA
Dermatology Specialists, P.A.
Dermatology, P.A.
Ear Nose & Throat SpecialtyCare of MN
Edina Eye Clinic, PA
Edina Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A.
Edina Retina Consultants
Eisenstadt Allergy & Asthma, LLP
Endocrinology Clinic of Minneapolis
Eye Care Associates, P.A.
Fairview Center for Bladder Control
Fairview Clinics - Dermatology South
Fairview Pain Management Center
Fairview Pain Management Center- Burnsville
Fairview Sleep Centers- Brooklyn Park
Fairview Sleep Centers- Burnsville
Fairview Sleep Centers- Chisago City
Fairview Sleep Centers- Edina
Fairview Sleep Centers- Minneapolis
Fairview Sleep Centers- Princeton
Fairview Southdale Wound Healing Institute
Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care Blaine
Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care Burnsville
Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care Eden Prairie
Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care Princeton
Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care Wyoming

Fairview Surgical Consultants- Breast Care
Fairview Surgical Weight Loss Clinic
Integra Dermatology, PA
InterMed Consultants
Interventional Spine and Pain Physicians, PA 
Journey Clinic- Ctr Child w/ Cancer Bld Disease
Kidney Specialists of Minnesota
Lakes Dermatology
Metropolitan Gastrointestinal Specialist
Midwest Allergy & Asthma
Midwest ENT Specialists
Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Skincare
Midwest Immunology Clinic
Midwest Plastic Surgery, P.A.
Mill City Dermatology, P.A.
Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, Ltd.
Minneapolis Otolaryngology, P.A.
Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians, P.A.
Minnesota Allergy & Asthma Clinic
Minnesota Dermatology, P.A.
Minnesota Gastroenterology, P.A.
Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic
Minnesota Institute for Pain Management
Minnesota Lung Center
Minnesota Oncology
Minnesota Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Specialists
Minnesota Urology, P.A.
My Dermatologist, P.A.
National Dizzy & Balance Center
Noran Neurological Clinic, P.A.
Northern Veins, P.A.
Northwest Eye Clinic, P.A.
Nura, PA (formerly Medical Advanced Pain Specialists)
Paparella Ear Head & Neck Institute, P.A.
Pediatric Surgical Associates
Pelvic Floor Center
Physicians' Diagnostics & Rehabilitation
Platinum Health, LLC
Preventive Cardiology Consultants, PA
Retina Center P.A.
Silverman Ankle & Foot
Skin Specialists Ltd. 
Southdale Eye Clinic
Southwest Dermatology Specialists, Ltd.
Specialists in General Surgery
Spine and Brain Clinic at Fairview Southdale Hosp
Sports Orthopedic Advanced Rehab
St. Croix Orthopaedics, P.A./TCO
St. Paul Allergy & Asthma
St. Paul Eye Clinic
St. Paul Plastic Surgery
St. Paul Radiology, PA
Stesin, M.D., P.A., Mark P.
Suburban Radiologic Consultants, Ltd.
Summit Orthopedics
Surgical Consultants Bloomington Lake Clinic, Mpls
Surgical Consultants Bloomington Lake Clinic, Xerxes
Surgical Consultants- VeinSolutions
Surgical Consultants, P.A.
Tareen Dermatology, P.A.
The Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic and Hearing Center
The Schuster Clinic for Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders
Total Eye Care
Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A.
Twin Cities Pain Clinic
UMPhysicians- Otolaryngology
University of Minnesota Cancer Care
     Gynecologic Cancer Clinic
     Lakes Cancer Clinic
     Northland Cancer Clinic
     Ridges Cancer Clinic
     Southdale Cancer Clinic
University of Minnesota Health
     Advanced Treatment Center
     Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinic
     Breast Center
     Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders
     Center for Lung Science
     Delaware Infectious Disease Clinic
     Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Clinic
     Dermatology Clinic
     Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
     Endocrine Clinic
     Heart Care- Minneapolis
     Hepatology (Liver) Clinic
     Masonic Cancer Clinic
     Maple Grove Clinics
     MINCEP Epilepsy Care
     Nephrology Clinic
     Neurology Clinic
     Neurosurgery Clinic
     Ophthalmology (Eye) Clinic
     Orthopaedic Clinic
     Pain Clinic
     Pediatric Specialty Care - Woodbury
     Physical Med & Rehab Clinic
     Rheumatology Clinic
     Solid Organ Transplant Clinic
     Sports Medicine Clinic
     Surgery Clinic- Colon & Rectal
     Surgery Clinic- Gastroenterology
     Surgery Clinic- General
     Surgery Clinic- Pancreas and Biliary
     Surgery Clinic- Plastic and Reconstructive
     Surgery Clinic- Thoracic
     Surgery Clinic- Vascular
     Surgery Clinic- Weight Loss Mgmt Surgery
     Urology Clinic
University of Minnesota Heart Care
     Fairview Clinics Fridley
     Fairview Lakes Medical Center
     Fairview Northland Medical Center
     Fairview Southdale
     Ridges Specialty Care Clinic
University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital
     Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic
     Journey Clinic Ctr Peds Bld Marrow Transplant
     Minnesota Lions Children's Eye Clinic
     Minnesota Lions Children's Hearing ENT Clinic
     Pediatric Specialty Care Discovery Clinic
     Pediatric Specialty Care Explorer Clinic
     Pediatric Specialty Care Surgery
     Specialty Clinic for Children
University of Minnesota Medical Center
     Eye Clinic
     Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center
     Palliative Care Clinic
University of Minnesota Physicians
     Neurology Clinic St. Paul
     Radiation Therapy Center- Lakes
Uptown Dermatology
VitreoRetinal Surgery, P.A.
Wei. M.D., PLLC, Frank
Woodbury Plastic Surgery

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