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Lynn Goodenough

Lynn Goodenough

Operations Manager

Lynn joined FPAN in October of 2008 and has held various role for both FPAN and M Health Fairview. As an Operations Manager, Lynn works closely with FPAN leadership and member practices to design and implement programs and processes to support network quality and clinical integration goals. Her collaboration with M Health Fairview quality and value-based care teams creates alignment to overall system quality and performance goals. Lynn staffs the FPAN Care Delivery and Quality Improvement Committee (CDQI). In addition, she co-leads the ACO REACH Community Collaboration Committee, a sub-committee of CDQI.

After 43 years in healthcare and 15 years at FPAN, Lynn will begin transitioning her work to Tyler Starr due to her upcoming retirement on April 1, 2024.

If you have questions regarding FPAN’s quality and value-based care initiatives, please do not hesitate to connect with Lynn at [email protected].