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FPAN Welcomes New Providers in August 2023

Each month the Fairview Physician Associates Network has new providers join the clinically integrated network (CIN). Below is a listing of the providers that joined FPAN in August of 2023.

Bhatti Gastroenterology Consultants, PA

  • Hannah Frey-Hawkins, PAC

MetroPartners ObGyn

  • Stephanie Callanan, MD

Midwest ENT Specialists

  • Benjamin Addicks, MD

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, Ltd.

  • Denijal Gluhic, CNP
  • DeAnna Phan, CNP
  • Jessica Piche, MD

Minnesota Oncology

  • Jordan Anderson, PAC
  • Brittany Hackshaw, CNP
  • Khalid Kambal, MD

Minnesota Urology PA

  • Brent Cleveland, MD
  • Kayla Cummings, CNP
  • Kathleen Puttmann, MD


  • Diane Budnick, CNP

Obstetrics/Gynecology Specialists, P.A.

  • Samantha Witta, MD

Primary ENT

  • Joyanna Adams, PAC

Summit Orthopedics, Ltd.

  • Brandon Kelly, MD
  • Ashley Peterson, PAC
  • Alaina Sylvester, PAC
  • Matthew Tarabochia Gast, MD
  • Chuci Thao, PAC
  • Der Xiong, CNP

Tareen Dermatology, PA

  • Michelle Kienow, PAC

Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A.

  • Jesse Anderson, PAC
  • April Bockin, PAC
  • Jeffrey Gilbertson, MD
  • Ryan Nielsen, DO
  • Jonathon-Erle Reid, MD
  • Gregory Scallon, MD
  • Maren Schultz, PAC
  • Erik Slette, MD
  • Danial Spielman, CNP