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FPAN Welcomes New Providers in July 2023

Each month the Fairview Physician Associates Network has new providers join the clinically integrated network (CIN). Below is a listing of the providers that joined FPAN in July of 2023.

Bhatti Gastroenterology Consultants, PA

  • Olalekan Akanbi, MD

MetroPartners ObGyn

  • Kimberly Fischer, MD
  • Greta Larsen, MD

MINCEP Epilepsy Care

  • Stephanie Brakel, PAC

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, Ltd.

  • Brent Berry, MD

Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians, P.A.

  • Hunter Gits, MD

Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic

  • Saranya Varun, DDS

Minnesota Oncology

  • Nicole Jacobi, MD

Minnesota Urology PA

  • Nicholas Elliott, MD
  • Esther Nivasch Turner, MD
  • Michael Shapiro, MD

Minnesota Women’s Care, PA

  • Alexa Eul, DO

MNGI Digestive Health, P.A.

  • Kristin Borovsky, MD
  • Douglas Dubbink, MD
  • Wenfei Wang, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology West, P.A.

  • Gretchen Betts, DO

Obstetrics/Gynecology Specialists, P.A.

  • Chelsea Bayer, MD

South Lake Pediatrics

  • Megan Wong, MD

Southdale Pediatric Associates, Ltd.

  • Claire Williams, MD

Summit Orthopedics, Ltd

  • Ariana Amini, PAC
  • Andrew Brooks, MD
  • David Matson, MD
  • Kevin Sandhu, MD
  • Jonathon Wright, PAC

Tareen Dermatology, PA

  • Katelyn Langlie, PAC

Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A.

  • Samuel Carlson, MD
  • Shashank Dwivedi, MD
  • Nathan Jacobson, MD
  • Joseph Nessler, MD
  • Zachary Pressman, MD
  • Madeline Scanlon, MD
  • Natalie Starr, PAC
  • Tyler Williamson, MD